Posted by Karen Wong

April 23, 2019

It’s springtime and let’s “Marie Kondo” the workspace! Marie Kondo has been quite a sensation these past few months, sharing her tidying adventures through her viral Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. It is possible to apply Kondo's cleaning methods from tidying up at home to clearing up clusters in the workspace.

Get Organized


While a small cluster on the desk may increase creativity, a self-created mess will affect persistence and productivity. Spare at least five to ten minutes each day to tidy up your desk. It is crucial to organize similar items together to avoid unnecessary time and energy on finding documents and tools which can lower your efficiency. Always have a trash can that is within reach of your desk and remove any unused items. To manage clusters and organize documents, try to keep a filing cabinet under your desk.

Improve Desk Hygiene

The average office desk contains 400 times more germs than a toilet seat. Therefore, keeping a clean desk can help reduce the spread of illness in the office. Cleaning keyboards, stationery sets, mugs, phones and also desk surfaces at least twice a week can improve desk hygiene.

Add Plants

Adding greenery helps reduce stress levels and improve attention span. Ambius selected their top ten best plants to place at your desk to help with mood-boosting and improve air quality.


Avoid Paper and Go Digital

Try to adopt a paperless workflow and go digital because it can enhance your productivity at work. For meetings, try to bring only a tablet or phone to scribble down notes to avoid the amount of paper in the office and meeting rooms.

There are multiple benefits in maintaining a clean desk. It can improve concentration, wellbeing and also leave a great impression for offices that have client visits. Keeping a tidy desk can encourage other employees within your organization to do the same.

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