Posted by Karen Wong

June 11, 2019

The overall condition of a working space influences productivity. Disorganised working spaces can be catastrophic. Maintaining an organised working area and desk allow employees to utilise their time on important tasks and prevent unnecessary waste of time and resources. It will eliminate distractions and help employees stay productive.

Here are five tips to transform your working area to enhance productivity:


Purging is the first step to help declutter and analyse what type of items you need to keep. Items that are placed on the desk should add value to your productivity.

Mindfulness on Office Supplies


We don’t need ten pens on our desk. It is important to rationalise what supplies you will need the most. You should also organise and group similar items together, making it easier to find them. Having a trash can within reach of your desk is helpful whenever you need to remove any unused items.

Wire Management 

Tangled wires are not only a distraction, but it is also unattractive. To keep your working desk clean, try hiding your wires. Group and collect wires together by using cable ties or adhesive hooks to route and manage all cables. 


Having a chair that offers comfort and proper support for different postures is important. While sitting requires less effort as standing, it puts a great amount of stress to the lumbar region. Selecting an ergonomic chair can provide support for the lower back and evoke better posture.

ID Mesh Vitra

The Vitra ID Mesh is adaptable to various movements of the end user with its seat depth regulator and tilting mechanism.

Filing System

While we move into the digital age, the need for paper files has decreased. Consider what can be stored digitally and for the remaining paper documents, create an efficient filing system. This will help you organise and prioritise the files you use and eliminates paper clutter on the desk. 

In the long run, maintaining a tidy workspace can create the best environment for accomplishing day-to-day tasks. A clean and organised desk not only facilitates productivity and creativity, its visual presentation communicates professionalism.

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